Rampar’s Ramilaben

traditional-indian-woman-beautiful-brunette-smiling-happy-red-sari-39766164Jay Swaminarayan Everyone!

I am Ramilaben, your resident Rampar blogger.

I hope to share my thoughts with you, from an interesting article, a new health trend, to reviews of the latest films I’ve seen. You will also see inputs from my wonderful family, so hopefully there will be something for everyone!

I think our Gaam has a wealth of interesting people who try different recipes, bag a great deal, find a new app, attend an exciting event or capture a great photo. So no matter what your age, I would like you to send me your thoughts, comments, good news stories, weblinks, photos, jokes and tips to ramilaben@rampar.co.uk!

Don’t be shy, your input will be completely anonymised if you wish.

I want to share Rampar’s brilliance so our Gaam is enriched with fun, culture and the voice of a talented community.


Ramilaben #RamilaBen